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How Work Viagra

How does Viagra work?

Viagra, also known as Sildenafil, does not directly give a man an erection. It works by boosting the natural mechanism that leads to an erection. When a man is sexually aroused, certain tissues in his penis relax. This allows large amounts of blood to flow into the muscle, thus producing an erection. Viagra helps by elevating the levels of the chemical that causes the tissues to relax. These effects were discovered accidentally. The drug was originally developed to improve blood supply to the heart in angina sufferers.
Viagra enables many men with (ED) to respond to sexual stimulation. When a man is sexually aroused, the arteries in the penis relax and widen, allowing more blood to flow into the penis.
As the arteries in the penis expand and harden, the veins that normally carry blood away from the penis become compressed, restricting the blood flow out of the penis. With more blood flowing in and less flowing out, the penis enlarges, resulting in an erection.
Buy Viagra, Viagra allows you to maintain an erection for a longer period. Moreover, it allows you to stay firmly erect after an orgasm and eventually leading to multiple orgasms for your partner.

Does it have side-effects?

In a small number of cases, people who have taken Viagra have complained of headaches, flushing and stomach-ache. It can also cause some visual problems, including an increased sensitivity to light, blurred vision or an inability to tell the difference between blue and green. Men who are already taking medicines that contain nitrates, such as nitro-glycerine, are strongly advised not to use Viagra because the combination can lower blood pressure too much. There are also concerns about its safety following the deaths of a small number of American men who have taken the drug. The Food and Drug Administration is investigating.

What other treatments are available for impotence?

Many men use vacuum devices or compression rings to get and keep an erection. It is possible to have an injection in the base of the penis to increase the flow of blood. Surgery and implants are also an option in some cases. There are also several other prescriptions and over-the-counter pills that have been recommended for impotence problems in men, but none of these have ever been proven to be as effective as Viagra.


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